Zzz… The Most Interesting Book You’ll Ever Read About Sleep

Kids Can Press, 2002

It’s late. And it’s dark. You’ve sneaked a flashlight under the covers to read. Three more pages and you’ll know whether the hero escapes — or not! You need to stay awake. But your body wants to sleep. As your eyelids flutter shut, you wonder (yawn) why now…

Uncover the mysteries of sleep and find out why you need to sleep, how your body clock works, the stages of sleep, what happens when you dream and more. Open these pages and explore the mystical “land of Nod” — it’s sure to awaken your interest!

“The writing style is breezy and conversational, but focused enough to be complete and accurate.”

— School Library Journal

“…an appealing mix of research and trivia…[Zzz is] nonfiction writing at its best.”
4/4 stars    Highly Recommended

— Canadian Materials