Wow! The Most Interesting Book You’ll Ever Read About the Five Senses

Kids Can Press, 2004

Dinnertime! Your ears ring with the sound of your mom calling your name. You race into the dining room and see the bright-green salad and deep-red spaghetti sauce. You grab your chair to sit down and feel the smooth, soft fabric. Your nose catches a whiff of spaghetti and, as you dig in, your taste buds zing with the tang of garlic. Wow! You’ve got extraordinary sensory perception!

Get insight into your senses and find out about color-blindness, super-tasters, scent memories, touch sensors and more. Open these pages and explore all your senses — sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. They really are sensational!

“Romanek has another sure-fire winner with this seventh book of the “Mysterious You” series… The text is written in kid-friendly language — especially important when Romanek explains more complex scientific concepts. Definitely worthy of purchase!”
4/4 stars    Highly Recommended

— Canadian Materials

“This book really deserves the “Wow” in its title.”

— Science Books and Films