Switched on, Flushed down, Tossed out

Annick Press, 2005

Casey, who loves a good spy story, wonders about the mysterious, unseen workings of a home. How does tap water get to the top of an apartment building? Where does his garbage go? And how does his friend’s voice come out of the telephone? So begins Casey’s dogged investigation into the hidden (and not-so-hidden) workings of the home. He soon discovers that the only thing more interesting than a mystery is learning the facts.

“… there’s plenty of fun in the amazing facts and clear explanations about electricity, water, heat, and how ordinary household things work. The text is lively and colloquial …. The down-to-earth information will grab kids, as will the wonder of how things work”.

— Booklist

“This well-designed science book is perfect for answering those challenging “How does it work?” questions. — 3.5/4 stars Highly Recommended”

— Canadian Materials